I offer individual supervision and group supervision for counselors who are committed to providing high-quality patient care while achieving a sustainable and successful career that allows them to do the work they love.

There are many benefits to receiving clinical supervision, even up until retirement. Exposing one’s work in clinical supervision protects against losing objectivity, offers a second set of eyes that are removed enough to see aspects of your work that you cannot because you are so close up, allows you a space to vent, and of course, supervision reduces the profound isolation inherent to being a psychotherapist.

Licensed counselors may also count a number of supervision hours toward continuing education credits (CEUs) for each renewal cycle of one’s licensure. Supervision demonstrates an ongoing commitment to providing quality care. If a license board complaint or malpractice suit is filed against you, having supervision already in place should aid in your defense.

Some areas of clinical and professional development that I like to focus on in supervision include:

  • Strategies for navigating the many stages of the therapeutic relationship
  • How to use transference and countertransference in therapy rather than be used by it
  • Working with challenging clinical presentations (e.g., patients who struggle persistently with looking at themselves in therapy, who have difficulty with making use of the therapist’s typical way of working)
  • How to figure out what’s going on in therapies where either the therapist or patient feel like “nothing is happening.”
  • Enhancing the likelihood of acceptance when submitting proposals and presentations for major conferences and public speaking events
  • Guidance around the process of writing and publishing for books or journals
  • Where to find credible sources for increasing one’s knowledge and mastery of clinical theory and scientific research
  • How to work with patients in multiple domains at the same time (e.g. at the conscious level and unconscious level, the verbal level and nonverbal level, the ‘adult’ level and ‘inner child’ level)
  • When and how to use self-disclosure to further therapy progress
  • Merging one’s personal identity with one’s professional identity
  • Responding to unexpected dilemmas that occur inside or outside of the therapy office (e.g. learning only after therapy has started that you are part of the same social circle)
  • How to assess what clinical interventions a patient would benefit the most from (hint: it’s not necessarily based on their DSM-5 diagnosis or a preordained treatment manual)
  • Developing and refining over time an individualized sense of one’s clinical identity and professional ethics
  • Getting started in private practice or remodeling your existing practice, including developing a personalized referral network and marketing system that goes beyond solely relying on online directories
  • How to socialize clients into the patient role properly (i.e. teaching patients how to work psychotherapy to their benefit)
  • The signs to look for when evaluating clinical progress (these are often not taught in graduate school)
  • Working with sociocultural differences in psychotherapy and among colleagues
  • Collaborating with other mental health professionals on the same case who may have a very different clinical opinion or way of working than you do
  • Ongoing strategies for self-care, guarding against burnout, and rediscovering meaning in one’s career

My approach to supervision is supportive, educative, non-judgmental, and respectful of your preferences and style. I recognize the profound vulnerability that clinicians experience when exposing their work in supervision. I am quite familiar with the other side of the experience. There is nothing you can tell me that I have not either experienced personally or helped another therapist through. I will be an ally to you insofar as you allow me.


Individual Supervision, 55 minutes – $240

Group Supervision, 90 minutes (3 therapists minimum, 5 max) – $140 per person


All prospective supervisees will have a 45-minute consultation with me for a reduced fee of $100 to discuss their supervision goals so we can assess if we’re a good fit to work together. Please fill out the form below, and I will return your contact within two business days.