You pay me at the time of service using your preferred card. Every month, I will provide you with the completed paperwork (known as a “super bill”) to give to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Your insurance company will only reimburse you for seeing me if you have out-of-network benefits. If you have a PPO or POS symbol on your card, you have out-of-network benefits.

You can call your insurance carrier and ask if you have out-of-network benefits. If yes, ask them how much you will be reimbursed for the relevant CPT codes below:

90791 – Diagnostic Assessment (first appointment only) – $270

90834 – Psychotherapy, 45 minutes – $220

90837 – Psychotherapy, 53-60 minutes – $225

90847 – Couple/Family Therapy, 50 minutes – $270

Your insurance representative may also want my license type and number, which differs by state. You can view my state license information and other credentials by clicking here.


When we meet more than once a week on a regular basis, I charge my full fee for the first session that week and discount $45 off of each additional session that same week. For example, for three 53-60 minute psychotherapy sessions each week, the first session would be $225, and the next two sessions would be $180 each.